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Tactility to Software

Today on Pop Culture Intelligentsia Brent Morris talks to Andrew Luck, the event coordinator of Seattle’s Laptop Battle, a competitive event for an electronic musician to match their skills against others. Brent also talks with Laptop Battlers Mark Wand, IG88 and Jack Birnie.

Jonny Sonic will be streaming tonight’s Laptop Battle on our Periscope channel.

Show Notes & Links

  • Seattle’s Laptop Battle
    Elevating the form of electronic music performance.
  • Laptop Battle
    Laptop Battles are a competitive event for an electronic musician to match their skills against others. Competition rules limit equipment to a laptop computer and an external pointing device (mouse). Some competitions will allow external hardware, usually a single MIDI controller (this set up is very similar those used for Live PA). There are typically three or four rounds, following a single elimination bracket or similar structure. Each round consists of a number of head-to-head matches between two randomly selected participants. Rules vary, but typically the competitors are allowed two to three minutes on stage to play their individual compositions and/or sounds. Stage presence is often a key element for judging, in addition to technical finesse and ability to engage the audience.
  • Mark Wand
  • IG88
    Branden Clarke is IG88, and he shares the love. A prolific solo producer and remixer. The primary producer for both the electrosoul goddess Shaprece and midnight hour-dwelling rap group Triceracorn. A performer sharing stages with the likes of Battles, Tycho, SZA and Odesza. Part-time friend to all living creatures.
  • Jack Birnie
    Bassey, glitchy, squishy, downtempo goodness from the pacific northwest!
  • Mark Wand “Gang Rang(1st RD KO Mix)”
  • IG88 “The Cogs Are Falling”
  • Jack Birnie “That Goddamn Particle (Live APC40 Performance)”



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