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BandBs podcast auditions 0

Preview for the upcoming B&B's Podcast Auditions podcast. A thing to do to wait out the voluntary isolation from COVID-19.

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Gapage 050: Dragging It Out

After 10 long years, Gapage finally hits the 50 milestone! Unfortunately, Brent was ill-prepared and indifferent, so Ken had to take up most of the slack, again. On the plus side, Brent talked about his engagement to Brandy, and promises to give some exciting incites and stories about weddings on our next episode, sometime in 2020.

Meanwhile, you can hear Scarborough Dude interviewed on the Not After 30 podcast series, Podlife 10.
And if you want more, you can also hear Scarborough Dude talk about Abbey Road on In Your Earholes Podcast.
Almost forgot - you can also SEE the Scarborough Dude on his NEW Museum Bar YouTube series!  Comments closed

CGS80 Test

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Gapage 049: Thin Head, Thick Skin

In this long awaited episode of the NEW Gapage podcast, listeners will once again hear more than you could ever possibly want about the new and improved Brent Morris, and disappointingly little about Ken, at least until near the end, when he lets loose with some not quite so good natured mean-spiritedness. 

Brent's Episode Rating: OK
Ken's Episode Rating: Fuck you if you think it's just OK!

Note: Due to ongoing sponsorship negotiations, Mark Blevis is not mentioned in this episode. Comments closed

Gapage 048: Podcamp Toronto

Brent tries his best to look contrite
Ken and Brent patch together some time during Podcamp Toronto to record a long awaited episode of Gapage! Ken pretends to apologize for chastising Brent and Brent pretends to be contrite.
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