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It’s All in How You Play the Algorithms

On today’s show we chat with TLR and Jack Squires about L.A. Zinefest’s PlayDate 2016 and their indie video game, Tonight You Die. Steve Howard interviews Mike Andersen and we hear a song from Mike’s performance on Asheville FM’s The Lost Cause. Emil Brown explains yo-yo culture. Alan Ranta prasies Prince Rama’s new album, XTREME NOW. Ryk McIntye reads us a poem about his experience with OKCupid. Brent plays us a Vaporwave mix.

  • L.A. Zine Fest’s PlayDate 2016
  • Zines
  • Tonight You Die video game
  • Your Network is Your Net Worth video game
  • Mike Andersen live on The Lost Cause on Asheville FM
  • Mike Andersen “Every Day”
  • Daniel Johnston
  • Yo-yo culture
  • National Yo-Yo Museum
  • Redondo Beach Pier Yo-Yo Contest
  • Prince Rama’s new album, XTREME NOW
  • Glam rock
  • Now Age Manifesto
  • Prince Rama “Your Life in the End”
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • PennySaver
  • Ryk McIntye’s “OkCupid is To Dating, as Salmon is To…”
    • I posted a new profile on OkCupid recently,
      figuring it’s like playing cash lottery, but
      more “It’s just so crazy it might work!”
      as opposed to odds of lightning strikes.
      “It’s all in how you play the algorithms”,
    • friends offer, the same way Math teachers
      explain things to people who have allowed
      themselves to be born as Poetry students:
      ar-tic-u-late-ing “al-go-rih-thim” as if
      it might better take root, the knowledge
    • sinking deeper into my hopeful imagination.
      I expected personal questions, and receive
      questions better suited to astronomers-
      “Which is bigger- the Sun or the Earth?”
      it asks, then asks me what is acceptable
    • for a possible match to answer, and to rate
      that importance, using the three-finger metric:
      “A Little”,“Somewhat” or “Very”. So, I answer,
      “the Sun”, make it clear I’d want my match
      to also answer “the Sun”, stress it is “Very”
    • in its importance, explaining “I need to know
      that you come from the same Galaxy as me.
      Long-distance relationships suck.” Satisfied
      I am being as specific as possible, I go on.
      OkCupid asks, “When it comes to pubic hair,
    • do you make a regular effort to maintaining
      its appearance?”
      Well, I’ve stopped picking
      out the grey ones… does that count? I have
      no particular opinion on how or if a match
      needs to answer that one, assume it’s the same
    • sort of thing as “What noises would she make?”-
      things I’d find out if a match is found; the first
      date gone so well, that she asks me to drop her
      off, circle the block, and ask her out again, but
      this time, she says, “Park the car… lose the keys…”
    • …and this fantasy is interrupted by the next
      question, which asks me to describe my life
      by what stage of Salmon I would describe me
      as being at? The metaphors are not even subtle:
      a.) Fry (youth), b.) Smolt (young adult), c.) Adult
    • fully developed) and d.) Spawner (has kids/dead).
      My Life in Dating as sad coda to nature documentaries.
      This is where my perfect match would say “e.) Sushi-
      now shut down the computer. Let’s get to eating.

      I would mumble glad praise to algorithms, and join her.
  • Storium
  • Brent Morris’ Vaporwave Mix
  1. 3D Blast “Twenty15 父の年”
  2. Visceral “MIND OVER MATTER (Feat. Replica Federation)”
  3. Blank Banshee “Teen Pregnancy”
  4. Köshrimp “Oddy SeicentoSessentaSeis Experience”
  5. Bodyline “Sunset Shell”
  6. ULTRADREAM “america (VHS)”
  7. YOUTH FOUNTAIN “電気の銀行”

Joseph Aleo

Mike Andersen

Emil Brown

Steven Howard

Ryk McIntye

Brent Morris

Alan Ranta

Jack Squires


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