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BandBs podcast auditions 0

Preview for the upcoming B&B's Podcast Auditions podcast. A thing to do to wait out the voluntary isolation from COVID-19.

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The Showhole 58: Pirate Comrade Steve



  • I don't wanna online shop
  • I get drunk enough and I like it in the can
  • So you looked less hoardy
  • I want to hear my butt whistle
  • I'm not a scientician
  • Touching all the old people
  • Stop with the touching, buddy!
  • I keep touching my face
  • I'm super high right now
  • Your whole family is on a watch list
  • Joke census
  • And a beard implant
  • They were children and I was mean
  • Riding his bike in the snow drunk
  • Painkillers and weed
  • Someone got shot over TP
  • Pirate Comrade Steve
  • Come into my van and have gummi bears
  • You're not wiping your ass with a level

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Episode 57: Zombiden

The tornado takes the conversation.

We also check in on the results of Super Tuesday.

And lube. We talk about lube.

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Newshole Episode 1: Carlos In A Box

The Showhole crew break down some of the "biggest" news stories of the past week or so.

Carlos Ghosn
GOP goes to jail for stealing mother's social security
Delta flight dumps fuel on schools
Foxy grandpa tortoise
Democratic primaries
Royal family
Oscar snubs

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