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BandBs podcast auditions 0

Preview for the upcoming B&B's Podcast Auditions podcast. A thing to do to wait out the voluntary isolation from COVID-19.

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The Showhole 58: Pirate Comrade Steve



  • I don't wanna online shop
  • I get drunk enough and I like it in the can
  • So you looked less hoardy
  • I want to hear my butt whistle
  • I'm not a scientician
  • Touching all the old people
  • Stop with the touching, buddy!
  • I keep touching my face
  • I'm super high right now
  • Your whole family is on a watch list
  • Joke census
  • And a beard implant
  • They were children and I was mean
  • Riding his bike in the snow drunk
  • Painkillers and weed
  • Someone got shot over TP
  • Pirate Comrade Steve
  • Come into my van and have gummi bears
  • You're not wiping your ass with a level

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Episode 57: Zombiden

The tornado takes the conversation.

We also check in on the results of Super Tuesday.

And lube. We talk about lube.

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