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Star Trek: Adventures – Living Campaign – We Are The Stars (Part 1 of 3)

Space, the thing we have to cross... These are the voyages of the U.S.S. Revelation. Its ongoing mission, to do better than the Horizon, to find the answers to all our questionsand to boldly reach out and TOUCH IT! A new tabletop role playing adventure in the ongoing Star Trek: Adventures "Living Campaign" from Modiphius. Listen to this campaigns' pre-gaming chat exclusively on Patreon:

Terrible Warriors: Neil Tavares, Velvet Duke, Brent Morris, and Justin Ecock

"Star Trek: Adventures" published by Modiphius Entertainment

"We Are The Stars That Sing With Our Life" written by Aaron Pollyea

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Gapage 045 – CampFire Placeholder

Ken and Brent meet up at CampFire 2018, but make very little effort to record an episode of Gapage. This is really just a placeholder, but we'll call it #45 anyway to show how much we don't care.

Music: Boom Chika Boom 
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