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Newshole Episode 1: Carlos In A Box

The Showhole crew break down some of the "biggest" news stories of the past week or so.

Carlos Ghosn
GOP goes to jail for stealing mother's social security
Delta flight dumps fuel on schools
Foxy grandpa tortoise
Democratic primaries
Royal family
Oscar snubs

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The Showhole 56: She Took The Whole Cane


The Showholers have returned with an episode that spoils Christmas and the new Star Wars movie and introduces great gift ideas like stapling a turkey to a sweatshirt.

Warning: This episode is about 26 minutes too damn long.

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Gapage 050: Dragging It Out

After 10 long years, Gapage finally hits the 50 milestone! Unfortunately, Brent was ill-prepared and indifferent, so Ken had to take up most of the slack, again. On the plus side, Brent talked about his engagement to Brandy, and promises to give some exciting incites and stories about weddings on our next episode, sometime in 2020.

Meanwhile, you can hear Scarborough Dude interviewed on the Not After 30 podcast series, Podlife 10.
And if you want more, you can also hear Scarborough Dude talk about Abbey Road on In Your Earholes Podcast.
Almost forgot - you can also SEE the Scarborough Dude on his NEW Museum Bar YouTube series!  Comments closed

Discharge 55: Free moustache rides!

Remember how The Showhole was the after show for another podcast that no longer exists? Well, now the after show has an after show. This is The Discharge.

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