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April 12, 2017

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Backlash erupts after United passenger gets yanked off overbooked flight

That goddamn tone deaf pepsi ad

Spicer’s whole bullshit comparing Assad to Hitler that lead to some many clarifications in one day

Trump bombs Syria, then confuses it with Iraq days later

TransCanada shuts down Keystone after oil seeps to surface

But hey that cop that shot a man lying on the ground with his hands up finally got charged

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the showhole 0011: creamy white horn



  • New podcasting hat
  • We don't need no stinkin' feeds!
  • A new podcast: "Oil Life Remaining"
  • Refinance it!
  • Jasen tries the All-Dressed Ruffles
  • Dave went there!!
  • Brent's phone was abducted by a former high school track star
  • Wrong Richard Hatch
  • The S is for Smoke
  • A Tasty Beverage
  • Hillbilly Bell Thieves
  • Brent is going to be on The Elephant and The Irishman
  • Super Mario Run SUCKS!
  • Super Mario Run is the Jimmy @BuffettOf Flappy Bird
  • Toronto: Pissin' rain all day
  • Brent is a big fan of diarrhea
  • Hit and run
  • Everything in Tennessee sounds like a horse
  • Brent fondles his horn ball
  • Cup it!
  • Lotion and Towels for lunch
  • Baseball
  • Don Rickles
  • The 'Ol Ticker
  • Brent loves him some @TheShowhole Twitter!
  • The Blind Gamer
  • No one wants to steal flip phones
  • The Grid
  • 3AM pee time
  • The Old Showhole Mailbag!
  • From @cinn48: 24 New Entries to the Dictionary of Canadianisms (We cover a few!)
  • The French Phone Thief

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the showhole 0010: home of the all-night methfast

23 march 2017


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the showhole 0009: i just lick ’em and put ’em in a pile

13 march 2017


  • R.I.P. Jasen's Noise Maker (2017-2017)
  • One burrito for my baby and one burrito for the road
  • Brent's drill gets left out in plain sight
  • Our first in-studio Showhole musician - coming soon!
  • Chip Review, Part One: The Salty Menace
  • The New Gapage aka Showhole for Seniors
  • Ghost sex with Ansel Adams
  • Famous Dog Bands of Cleveland
  • Daylight Saving Time controversy
  • It's the Showhole, not the Braghole
  • Chip Review, Part Two: The Chippening
  • Brent is a chip licker
  • "I used it on a podcast" - the most pathetic phrase ever said
  • We gave up taste and decency for Lent

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Gapage037: Friendship & Death

Ken and Brent are back at it again, hot on the heals of their last podcast, tic tac toeing from topic to topic. Brent learns how to eat pistachios, owns up to comedic timing failures, but discerning listeners should find it an entertaining episode nonetheless. Find out who gets toasted this week... Comments closed

Gapage036: Party Time!

Brent's Authentic Clown Horn
Once again, Ken and Brent get together, this time to celebrate the launch of the NEW Gapage podcast! Join us for a review of the latest beer selections from Beau's Brewery, hear Brent's horn imitation, find out who is deserving of our toast! We say nice things about @cinn48 Candice, but most others don't fare as well. Ken tries his best to teach Brent to drink responsibly. Brent anoints Scarborough Dude the Jimmy Buffet of... (listen and find out)

Potential Sponsors: Left Field Brewery Comments closed