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Closet Geek Show Podcast Posts

Gapage023: Brent Wears A Tie

Can you believe it!? The Imperial Pub's favourite threesome, Ken, Brent & the Intern, have recorded yet another episode of Canada's most under-rated podcast, GAPAGE!

Listen in while they try to talk about rituals - but mostly it's all about Brent again, and what it means to wear a tie to work. Comments closed

Gapage022: RiskFlakers

Yet another scintillating conversation between Ken, Brent and the Intern. Recorded LIVE at the Imperial Pub, November 8, 2011. In this episode the trio talk about risk taking.

"The Risk" by The Milkmen
Thanks to Comments closed

Gapage021: Brent’s Show

(click the title to listen)

Yet another episode of Gapage. Give a listen, as Brent, Ken and the Intern talk about... well just go ahead and listen eh. Comments closed

Gapage019: My Karma Ate Your Dogma

In this episode of Gapage, West Coast Star Adam Gratrix of Transpondency and Foreskin Radio fills in as a temporary placeholder for Brent - but that's not why Brent gets all pissed off again.

We talk about karma, death, portals - the usual... Comments closed

Gapage018: bully for you!

Ken and the Intern hold the fort in Brent's absence, and pick up on last month's theme, bullying. Recorded LIVE (and unedited) at the Imperial Pub, Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Closing Song: Bully on the Block, by Kito Peters

(Yes episode 17 is missing - blame Ken) Comments closed