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Podfaded Shows

Sometimes a show ends, but more commonly it fades away from disuse. Over the years I’ve had that happen to many shows. 

My Podfaded Shows

  • The Old Closet Geek Show (the old one ran from 2005 to about 2010, I still need to get these back online, some are still available on
  • Relentless Wave (Short lived and I don’t think I have any copies anywhere, it was a “song a day” podcast focused on songs that work well in the game Audiosurf)
  • Old Gapage (we lost almost all of our shows due to a hard drive crash, some are still available on
  • Colours out of Space (a DJ mix podcast focused on trying to combine music from several different genres into a cohesive sound, still available on
  • Brent Outta Shape (short lived, still available on
  • Pop Culture Intelligensia – a live group radio style show covering interesting pop culture topics with interviews and discussion.