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October 16, 2016

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Uncle Sniffles Dept.
One-on-one with presidential candidate Donald Trump
Here’s the SNL sketch that finally went too far for Donald Trump
Former Miss Arizona: Trump ‘just came strolling right in’ on naked contestants
Peter Thiel to Donate $1.25 Million in Support of Donald Trump
Federal Court Blocks Gov. Pence’s Attempt To Bar Syrian Refugees From Indiana
Arizona Republic: Threats because of their endorsement (don’t click on link – loud audio!)
NFL players rip Donald Trump for his take on concussions

The My Poll is Bigger Than Your Poll Department
The Election Is Not Rigged.
How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind
Clinton has some big challenges in final debate. None involves discrediting Trump.
Donald Trump Has Urged People To Vote On Nov. 28

Not Only In America Department
UKIP party lawmaker hospitalized after altercation with colleagues

The Bone Zone
Ken Bone was a ‘hero.’ Now Ken Bone is ‘bad.’ It was his destiny as a human meme.

The World Sucks Department
Iranian schoolgirls whipped because their parents could not pay school fees
911 operator arrested for hanging up on calls
Why Haitians are urging people not to donate to American Red Cross
A black doctor wanted to help on a flight — but had to prove she was an ‘actual physician’ 

The Bozo is Coming For You Department
Two boys in hot water after creepy clown prank in Winnipeg
Performers organize ‘Clown Lives Matter’ march in hopes to quench fears

I’m Gonna Miss Him Dept.
Barack Obama Talks AI, Robo Cars, and the Future of the World

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October 5, 2016

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Dept. of it being resolved
The Vice Presidential Debate
The Munk Debate

Fuckface von Clownstick Dept.
Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found
Did Donald Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples leak his 1995 tax return?
New York Attorney General: Trump Charitable Foundation Violated The Law

Fuckfaces Don’t Understand Science Dept.
Donald Trump Charity Gave to Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Vaxx Crusade
Trump Implies Vets Suffering From PTSD ‘Can’t Handle’ War
Mike Pence Tells Wrongfully Convicted Man He Won’t Act On Pardon Request


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September 30, 2016

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The Anger Core crew shares their thoughts on the first US Presidential Debate 2016 which occurred Monday September 26, 2016.

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September 22, 2016

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Jason Reese returns!

Cheeto Jesus Dept
Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems
Trump’s campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million
Donald Trump still doesn’t understand how the internet works

Little Skittle sub-Dept.
The strange history and ugly core of Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles tweet, explained
Donald Trump Jr.’s terrorist-Skittle analogy is completely wrong

Bridge Over Trouble Dept
Chris Christie News Matt Katz (@mattkatz00) | Twitter

American Horror Story in Reality Dept.
Suspect wrote ‘bombs will be heard in the streets,’ authorities say
War zone in Charlotte as violence erupts in city for second night
Charlotte riot: State of emergency declared after protester shot in second night of clashes over North Carolina police shooting
Terence Crutcher, black motorist with stalled car, shot dead by Okla. police
District attorney calls news conference about Terence Crutcher

Unsound Decisions Dept.
Big Government Cracks Down On … People Sharing Books
Uber accused of cashing in on bomb explosion by charging almost double to take terrified New Yorkers home


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Gapage034: No God? No Job!

Ken and Brent attend a service at West Hill United to hear Gretta Vosper, and talk a bit about that and then other things...

Babel - Mumford & Sons Comments closed

Gapage034: No God? No Job!

Ken and Brent attend a service at West Hill United to hear Gretta Vosper, and talk a bit about that and then other things... Comments closed