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MMC 001: Camp Cucamonga

Welcome to the Masochists' Movie Collective, where we watch bad movies because not enough other people do on the internet. This is actually the second movie we've watched, since we also watched Left Behind for The Illuminati Social Club. This time around, we watched a made-for-TV movie called Camp Cucamonga starring the guy who played Cliff on Cheers, the other Cameron kid from Growing Pains, Winnie from The Wonder Years along with Kevin's best friend from that show, and Jennifer Anniston. It also has George Jefferson and one of Nixon's plumbers.

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Cheerzzzz 005: Corndog Endoscopy

We've moved this podcast to The Showhole feed. This time around, we have Oliver Rockside on the show to take a Cosmo quiz to find out what kind of sexy he is. It's also more than two hours long.

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The Showhole 61: Full Berenstain Bears

We talk of weddings, politics, and other stuff. Frankly, it's been a few days since we recorded that I'm posting this and I can't remember what we talked about.

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Gapage 055: Off With Their Heads!

Once again, the stars are misaligned. Brent's super saturation with news leads to an intense discussion on religion, minority rights, Quebec's ban on religious symbols, Black Lives Matter, home schooling and more, ending with a disagreement over who won, even though Ken graciously called it a tie. As usual, Ken fills in Brent's gaps.

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Gapage 054: Byebye Bachelor Brent

Brent's been wanting to do an all about Brent episode since we started, so here he is, the new and improved Brent, talking about his upcoming marriage. I just hope he treats Brandy better than he treats his cat! Ken gets a few words in too when Brent remembers to ask how he is. Comments closed